Lo Folks,

So when we had our last social I hinted that there was something coming that I would reveal at the social!

Now it is official... the short version is that we're essentially (barring a few tiny details) going to have the workshop room open for any Tuesday evenings that people actually want to attend them.

This doesn't change how things current work in terms of upcoming presentations and practical lab sessions, it'll be in addition to them!

The actual details are on the website at... https://staffslug.org.uk/events/

But I've included a copy of that page below as well, so you can just scroll down... (enable showing images in your mail client!).



See you from 6pm :)

Copy of the updated page from the web site...


Workshops take place at the ‘Innovation Centre’ (also known as ‘IC1’ or simply ‘IC’ which it says on the side of the building) which has a postcode of ST5 5NB. For more information on parking and other details, keep reading on…

Socials take place at ‘The KPA Clubhouse’ which has a postcode of ST5 5DY.


For past and upcoming workshops featuring presentations and practical lab activities please see the calendar.

We use of a room full of 30 computers, 30 phones, a printer, whiteboard and large TV. Here is what it looks like…

It’s primary purpose and actual name is the ‘Workplace Recovery Suite’. Customers of Internet Central can use this when their usual place of work has suffered some kind of cataclysmic issue! Our fantastic benefactors at Internet Central allow Function Office to use the room it’s projects such as StaffsLUG. If you’ve got other uses in mind then contact us. We do ask that everyone keeps the place nice and tidy, in case the room needs to be used by a customer.

The room is handy for anything where a computer is of use, including…

Workshop meetings can take place every Tuesday, where the doors open from 6pm to the general public. However, unless we’ve got a scheduled activity on that Tuesday (where the room will be open anyway, see below), you’ll need to let us know via the meetings@ mailing list so we can be there and open up. If you’d like one-to-one help with a problem you’d like help with then we can find the right person and Tuesday to do that. The workshop can also be used if you, or a group of people, want to work on a project of your own.

Only about two thirds of these Tuesdays will feature a presentation or practical lab activity that would begin from 7pm (but the doors still open from 6pm). This is to allow people time to travel in from work or get something to eat. See the calendar for details on what is scheduled.

The only reasons why we’d might not open the workshop are…

The full address is address…

Internet Central, Innovation Centre 1
Keele University Science & Innovation Park, ST5 5NB

If arriving by car you’ll notice two entrances to the building and you’ll want the lower one (at the back of the building). On this side of the building are 30+ spaces, all of which (in the evenings) should be available and parking is free (the parking enforcement signs don’t apply to us!).

Entering Keele Campus from the north you’ll need the 2nd entrance!
If you ever come here during the day however you’re best finding a space marked ‘Internet Central’ (if one is free) or use the Keele Campus Pay and Display parking (by the Students’ Union)…

If arriving by bus from the direction of Stoke-on-Trent or Newcastle-under-Lyme then you’ll likely want the number 25 operated by First or if you’re coming from Cheshire you may want the 85 operated by D&G.


For past and upcoming socials please see the calendar.

If you just want to sit back, relax with a pint and chat about whatever you like without a screen blaring away at you… that’s what we call a social 🙂

We use The KPA Clubhouse which ran by the Keele Postgraduate Association and is also on Keele campus. It’s essentially a pub on the inside but has a nice atmosphere and a function room we can use for free upstairs.

The full address is address…

The KPA Clubhouse, 97 Horwood Road
Keele, ST5 5DY

Steven Maddox