Quick update, the Workshop last night I thought went great (my first one as sole presenter) and the notes are now up on the site... (for anyone that doesn't/can't make it to meetings)


Yesterday was also 20 years to the exact date that "staffslug.org.uk" as a domain was registered, this was co-incidental but a nice touch for a web server lab!

I should also clarify (it's been fixed on the website) that if you want the workshop open on a Tuesday (where we've *not* got a presentation/lab already scheduled) then communicate that on the meetings@ mailing list before noon of that same Tuesday... else you'll be out of luck and no one will be here :)

The next workshop with an activity is... 

Tuesday 17th December 2019 – Topic: End of quarter activities

Also we'll need to think of something for Tuesday 14th January... or we might skip that one, we're only aiming for 17-ish Workshops (with activities like presentations and labs) a year anyway.

But if you've got something you'd like to be shown, or have something to show off, then let us know on the meetings@ mailing list!

Steven Maddox
On 03/12/2019 12:53, Steven Maddox via StaffsLUG Meetings wrote:

Lo Folks,

So when we had our last social I hinted that there was something coming that I would reveal at the social!

Now it is official... the short version is that we're essentially (barring a few tiny details) going to have the workshop room open for any Tuesday evenings that people actually want to attend them.

This doesn't change how things current work in terms of upcoming presentations and practical lab sessions, it'll be in addition to them!

The actual details are on the website at... https://staffslug.org.uk/events/



See you from 6pm :)