Did anyone catch the mention we got in the latest linuxoutlaws podcast?

I also wanted to mention having looked at the other lug's websites is there anything we can do to "pretty" up the website? I've tried to look at the few articles and it looks like they have html tags aplenty? I'm not being negative or anything but compared to wolveslug it's a bit lacking. Is it the fault of the CMS we have running? I have loads of ideas for articles and have a good few written up already, but dont really want to submit them to the site if they are going to look like the ones that are already there.

I have a spare box that could be used to test potential replacements to the site without having to commit to any particular piece of software.

I might be really wrong here and am willing to accept it and If I'm coming across as agressive please tell me. It's just that I'm very passionate about having something like the lug in our area being as good as it can be.