If you can get O2's broadband then you can get BeThere's broadband too. BeThere's is slightly more expensive but if you're looking a for really, truly uncapped service then they're a safe bet.


2008/7/13 Kevanf1 <kevanf1@gmail.com>:
Does anybody on here either use '02 broadband' or know of somebody who
does?  I've been offered what looks to be a very good deal.  12.50
for up to 8mb BB with unlimited downloads.  Obviously this is subject
to their usual 'fair usage policy' which, to be honest is bloody wishy
washy and they will not actually state what that means so I doubt it
would stand up in court.  I just want to now what the service is like.
 I've fallen foul of Plus Net's off peak download limit (they have,
without telling me, reduced it from 55gb per calendar month or billing
period down to 50gb.  I went slightly over and they dropped my speed
to a measly 128kbps :-(((((  Before anybody says it, 50gb is a measly
amount these days if you look at tv streaming in HD.

No Dick, it wasn't porn either.


Kevan Farmer
Linux user #373362

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