On 26/11/2007, ArchLinuxUser dick_turpin <dick_turpin@archlinux.us> wrote:
Hi All

Due to unforeseen circumstance I'm sorry to say I cannot attend the
Keele meet tonight. Please accept my apologise I hope you all have a
fantastic meeting and look forward to reading Kris's write up (If you
do one that is) if the was anyway I could come along I would sorry to
anyone that was looking forward to hurling abuse at me but I'm sure
there will be other occasions.

Dick Turpin

Arch Linux is an independent i686-optimized community distribution for
intermediate and advanced Linux users. Utilising a Rolling Release
System packages are regularly updated and an ISO release is just a
snapshot to the stable packages at that time. So there's no need for a
fresh install the command 'pacman –Syu' upgrades the whole system.

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Sorry no write-up this time, I couldn't make it :(

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