As Steven has already mentioned, Darren and I have been going to Oggcamp since 2013 (although not every year!) It's a good place to be social, mess about with various creations, and learn new things. My personal favourite talks / demos have been "how I rob banks" (a pen testing talk and demo by Freaky Clown) and a show and tell of funny "error messages in the wild".

We will already be in Manchester on the Saturday (19th) so we can meet anyone who wants to come at Piccadilly station. This can be arranged closer to the time.

If anyone has any questions about it feel free to ask me.

On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 2:40 PM Steven Maddox <s.maddox@lantizia.me.uk> wrote:

OK so only 3 days after the relaunch and already got a trip on the cards :)
Sounds like a few of us are going to OggCamp 2019.  I've never been personally myself but Keira and Darren are veterans and this will be their 6th year :)   
I've popped some details on the website for anyone interested in tagging along on the day we're going... https://staffslug.org.uk/calendar/#Trips       
If anyone wants to discuss/chat about it, etc... please join the trips@ mailing list (either via the web interface on https://lists.staffslug.org.uk or e-mail trips-join@lists.staffslug.org.uk)

Steven Maddox
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